2018 AVFX Workshop

On April 13, 2018 (Friday), starting at 3:00 p.m., the 6th edition of the Visual Effects Studio Workshop was held at the VŠMU Film Faculty in Bark, this time in the form of a VFX conference with the following contributions from students of the 1st VFX master's year:

15.00 - Introduction
15.15 - Vladimír Mrkvica - Make it good
16.00 - Róbert Špičuk - How large VFX studios work
16.30 - Henrich Achberger - Look development (Redshift)
17.00 - Break
17.30 - Martin Kaperák - Creation of CGI vegetation
18.00 - Martin Pikulík - Degree of detail in composition
18.30 - Michal Mravík - 3D in concept art
19.00 - Closing.

Links to previous years:
1st year: http://www.avfx.sk/2013-greenscreen-workshop-avfx
2nd year: http://www.avfx.sk/2014-greenscreen-workshop-avfx
3rd year: http://www.avfx.sk/2015-greenscreen-workshop-avfx
4th year: http://www.avfx.sk/2016-greenscreen-workshop-avfx
5th year: http://www.avfx.sk/2017-workshop-avfx

Link to FTF WEB: http://ftf.vsmu.sk/2018/04/09/4050/
Link to FB event: https://www.facebook.com/events/871167476341439/?notif_t=plan_user_associated&notif_id=1523288510470633
Link to showreel: https://vimeo.com/263761902/4eeb2d6285

The event was streamed live on the Internet
and a recording is made from it, serving for the further promotion of visual effects in the film space.