On January 14, 2023, the last meeting of students of Further Education 2021-22 took place, connected with screenings of graduation films. In the excellent atmosphere of many participants, the participants in the FTF cinema hall watched 9 films in more than 2.5 hours of projection.

These are the graduate films participating in the show.

1 Tóth Márk Five reasons why we shouldn't fall in love
2 Ash Erik Recall
3 Žitniak Ján Lost Angels
4 Molnárová Lucia Help
5 Gabrižová Eva 23
6 Adriána Klincová Song
7 Andrea Chlebcová Hečková Ladybugs
8 Andrej Dugovic Fungus fight with waste
9 Robert Ďurec Flight for Love

The winner of the audience vote was the film "Five reasons why we shouldn't fall in love" by Márk Toth before the film "Recall" by Erika Jasaň. In third place was the film "Lost Angels" by Ján Žitniak.

Eva Gabrižová's film "23" on the theme of the subculture of techno music, Lucía Molnárová's film "Help" with the philosophical issues of the young generation, Adriana Klincová's attempt at a musical comedy, Andrea Chlebcova Hečkova's theme of inclusion, Andrej Dugović's ecological issue of mushrooms, and Róbert Ďurec's narrated gag also resonated.

All films can be seen on the Further Education films page.