The International Film Festival Art Film Fest will bring a number of quality films and a rich accompanying program to Košice, which will also include a presentation of the Visual Effects Studio in the form of fairground attractions with real-time keying and 3D virtual reality.

In addition to current students Patrik Mariniak, Marián Valovič and Lukáš Jankovčín, graduates Tibor Meliš and Ľubomír Timko will present the studio.

They talk about the involvement of our students as follows:

Behind the label VFX Day is a group of lectures and presentations that will be part of the festival program on Wednesday, June 19, 2019 . Their common denominator will be the visual effects, known worldwide as the VFX brand. Art Film Fest will show visitors how professionals create these effects and that it is possible and widespread in our conditions. Visual effects creator Lukáš Jankovčin , director and animator Andrej Kolenčík , experimental creator Tibor Meliš , or Ľubomír Timko and Marek Ježo from the Slovak studio Blue Faces , who also took part in the series about Harry Potter and the Avengers, will talk about them. = IwAR3WxjxqzbhFM1T7zKFU0lWomyLG2iB1eoHZDFiZ3dq09Sn5rYvcQOTYbs0

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