The realization of the workshop on March 15-18, 2023 is aimed at creating a documentary film using 360° camera technology. The name of the project "Videné tromi" symbolizes the participation of students from three universities, and the project is implemented on the layout of the VFF festival at the VŠMU FTF and the Febiofest festival.

Students of the Pan-European College: William Grevorg Urban, Tomila Shcherbinkina, Adam Somora, Robert Macejášik, Sebastián Haydary

Students of AU Banská Bystrica: Polerecky Martin, Zachenska Bianka, Snek Samuel, Urban Gabriel, Senaj Dominik Tadeas, Janosikova Andrea

FTF students of VŠMU: Čorňák Viliam, Fajta Michal, Sikora Tomáš, Zbín Juraj

The program:
16.3. 2023 (Thursday)
10.00-10.10 Introduction. Prof. Ľudovít Labík
10.10-11.45 Preparation for filming with a 360° camera, Ateliér Zochová 5, Doc. Peter Neštepny, Mgr. art. Tomáš Balák
10.10-11.45 Time schedule of filming, Prof. Ľudovít Labík
12.00-22.00 Filming in groups with the help of a sound engineer (supervision by Mgr. art. Tomáš Baľák)
17.3.2023 (Friday)
9.00-14.00 Filming in groups.
14.00-16.00 Review of filmed material and introduction to the editing of a short documentary - Doc. Ing. Peter Neštepny
16.00-17.00 Downloading the material to discs.
18.3.2023 (Saturday)
9.00-18.00 Reserve for filming.

Each student on the first and following days of filming is the author of at least three shots with a different concept of stylistic use of the 360° camera. Moving or static camera, dialogue in front of the camera, remote control of the camera, perhaps stylized movement of one or more respondents, interview... The project can be understood as journalism, as a tutorial, and as a study of the environment.

The filmed material is uploaded to OneDrive. At their home school, the students of the three schools cut and sound-edit the recorded footage, and then insert it into one common unit through an Internet conference meeting in Teams. Communication through TEAMS creates an agreement on the finalization of the project. The video clip is posted on YouTube and distributed by links to the WEB pages of all schools.

Link for uploading filmed materials.

For the needs of synchronization , a common communication group is created in the TEAMS environment.


Photo documentation