On 23.3.2022 from 8:00 a.m. in the premises of Atelier 77 at FTF VSMU, Svoradova ul. No. 2, the Workshop "Putora Sharpness Indicator Type 7A9" will take place.
Organizers:     Doc. Mgr. Štefan Komorný, ArtD.

                       Doc. Ing. Peter Neštepný

1. The subject of the workshop will be the testing of optical-electronic lens-camera systems using "Putora Sharpness Indicator Type 7A9" test patterns with immediate evaluation.

2. Imatest eSFR ISO Test Chart ISO 12233:2017 will be scanned for some key image quality factors (sharpness, chromatic aberration, distortion, noise, tonal response, color accuracy, ISO sensitivity, resolution) in the testing process.
3. A test pattern will be used for dynamic range testing  Imatest "Wide Dynamic Range 100dB (ITWDR36)".
4. Next, the figure will be used DSC LABS ChromaDuMonde 24+4R, with the help of which an illustrative example of the use of the test pattern will be demonstrated for: 
  • a) laboratory supplies  - camera evaluation and testing
  • b) studio supplies        - setup and adjustment of cameras
  • c) on the Set              - as a production standard
  • d) in post-production   - image quality optimization
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