Mgr. art. Michal Sabik

2011 - 2016 Visual Effects Studio, Faculty of Film and Television, Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava
2005 - 2009 Applied photography, Josef Vydra School of Applied Art in Bratislava

One of the first two graduates of the visual effects program at the VFX FTF VŠMU Studio. During his studies, he created his own process of 3D scanning and Motion capture - technical and artistic technologies, the use of which he also focuses on during his doctoral studies.

Selection of professional projects

Feature films
2016 Red Billabong (Luke Sparke) - CGI lighting and rendering artist for Vertex Creation studio
2015 Spievankovo 5: About professions (Diana Novotná) - creation of VFX
2014 Girls of New York vol2 (Tominno Kelemen) - created by VFX
2013 Uprising Slovakia 1939-1945 (Vladimír Štric) - colorization of black and white material
2012 Evil (Peter Bebjak) - creation of VFX for studio 727
Short films
2017 Ríbezľák (Marek Káčer) - color grading
2017 This is not about us (Marek Káčer) - invisible VFX and color grading
2017 Jessie & Joe (Marek Káčer) - invisible VFX and color grading
2016 U štrbavého slona (Marek Káčer) - color grading
2015 Rosso Papavero (Martin Smatana) - color grading
2012 Momo (Teodor Kuhn) - production of VFX
2012 Andy's wife (Richard Staviarsky) - color grading

Advertising projects (selection):
2018 Dekra: internet advertising - direction and supervision by VFX
2018 CReal 3D: internet advertising - VFX supervision
2017 Amundsen: TV sponsorship link - VFX supervision
2015 Architects Rules: Internet advertising - direction and supervision by VFX
2014 New Time for Women: TV Sponsorship Link - CGI Creation
2013 Slovenská Pošta: TV advertising - CGI production
2011 Carpathian brandy: TV sponsorship link - CGI supervision

Other projects (selection):
2010-2018 Peter Igor Meluzín: visualization of unrealized projects - creation of CGI and VFX
2017 Radenská: product visualization - CGI creation
2016-2017 Slovan: internet series - color grading
2013 Bijouterrier: music video - color grading
2013 Strapo: music video clip - color grading
2012 Mária Čirová: music video - color grading

Activities (selection):
2011-2018 Realization of own creative technologies
2017 Full body 3D scans created for the dance ensemble Lúčnica
2017 Technological consulting on the bachelor's project of VŠVU student Lucie Čarnecká
2016 CGI realization for the competition for Nestlé
2015 Lecturer at the VFX FTF VŠMU Studio called Greenscreen workshop AVFX, the topic of 3D character creation using a 3D scanner and FullBody motion capture
2014 Lecturer at the FTF VŠMU Further Education 2013 - 2014 on the topic of color correction in film
2013 Lecturer at the Summer School of Film Language FTF VŠMU 2012 - 2013 on the topic of color correction in film
2013 Lecturer at the subject Graphic Systems, Visualization and Multimedia at MATFYZ UK in Bratislava on the topic of the intersection between art and scientific activity
2013 Consulting guest for doctoral theses focusing on 3D scanning and motion recording at MATFYZ UK in Bratislava under the guidance of doc. RNDr. Andreja Ferka, PhD.
2012 Lecturer at the Josef Vydra ŠUV in Bratislava on the topic of the use of digital technologies in photography and video
2009 Consultant of graduation work at SPŠE Zochova 9 with a focus on the use of 3D graphics in creating PC games

Photo documentation