International VFX a GD Conference Bratislava 2021, 1st day

The 1st day of the International Conference VFX and GD 2021 had the following agenda items with contributions:

1. Ľudovít Labik: Introduction of Atelier VFX and GD FTF VSMU Bratislava, Slovakia.
2. Filipe Costa Luz: Presentation of the Film and Media Arts Department, Lusófona University, Portugal.
3. Lukáš Ďurica: Creation of a short CG animated film / tips and tricks for creation.
4. Adam Jopek: Presentation of Motion Design in the field of various renderers.
5. Ján Štrba: Creation of a full CG of the cinematic scene.
6. Tomáš Hotový: CryptoArt.
7. Samuel Chovan: Artificial Intelligence in UE4.
8. Michaela Hýbelová: Fast production of CG characters.
9. Lukáš Jankovčín: Lighting and rendering for film and cinematography.
10. Tomás Franco, João Rebelo, Rodrigo Pinheiro, Miguel Fernandez: Less is more - Creating an engaging artistic style in a time crunch.
11. Filipe Costa Luz: Closing remarks and evaluation on the 1st day of the student part of the IVGC conference for the Film and Media Arts Department, Lusófona University, Portugal.
12. Ľudovít Labik: Closing remarks and evaluation of the 1st day of the student part of the IVGC conference for Atelier VFX and GD FTF VSMU, Bratislava Slovakia.

International VFX a GD Conference Bratislava 2021, 2nd day

The 2nd day of the International Conference VFX and HD had the following agenda items with contributions:

1. Ľudovít Labik: Presentation of FTF VŠMU and conference organizing Studio VFX and HD FTF VSMU Bratislava, Slovakia.
2. Filipe Costa Luz: Media editing: Transfer from a stereoscopic instrument in XIX. century into a VFX composition.
3. Silvester Buček: Ludonarative games: Between game and story.
4. Daniel Kazankov: How to popularize Bratislava through gamification?
5. Ersin Ertan: Technologies of artistic visualization of music in the era of video games.
6. Carlos Almeida: VFX Breakdown.
7. João Real: New-traditional digital, visual-effect and animated works.
8. Milan Kolar: Development of Open-Source pipeline with professional support.
9. Ľudovít Labik: Closing remarks and evaluation of IVGC Bratislava 2021.


Ludovít Labik Department of VFX and GD FTF VSMU, Bratislava, Slovakia. He teaches film language at film schools in Slovakia for 34 years and at film schools Czech Republic for 12 years. He is focusing on storytelling, visual effects and game design. Initiator of new studying programs of Visual Effects (2011) and Game Design (2020) at FTF VSMU Bratislava, SR. Project leader of project TOP TEAM VFX 2015, Slovakia, member of project International European grant TEMPUS 2014, (7 universities mostly from Balkan), member of project GLOBAL RIVERS PROJECT 2008 (7 universities all over the world), Organization of 15 years of FILM SUMMER SCHOOL and 8 years of workshops/conferences WORKSHOP VFX. Author of 5 publications, the most important is DRAMATURGY OF EDITING, 2013, CR.

Filipe Costa Luz Film and Media Arts Department, Lusófona, Portugal. He coordinates Videogames Ba and is vice-chair of Communication Design Ba at University Lusófona. He lectures digital post-production for film, television, games and animation and also does research activities in projects of communication science, Design and arts. His work at Hei-Lab (Digital Human-Environment Interaction Lab) and MovLab (Laboratory of Interactions and Interfaces), where he integrates technologies such as Motion Capture, Animation, Virtual reality or Stereoscopic Photography, it’s an example of the cross-media projects that evolve him in academic or professional work for the entertainment, design or communication area.

Silvester Buček University MUNI, Brno, Czech republic, University CM, Trnava, Slovakia, FTF VSMU Bratislava, Slovakia. He specializes in the history of game design, game ontology and semantics of game means of expression. In addition, it is dedicated to the popularization of games as a tool of education through the association Vĺčatá.sk. He is also the author of several educational games.

Daniel Kazankov Film director (27), Slovakia. He is a graduate of the Film and Television Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, Slovakia where he received his master's degree in film directing. During his studies he completed the Erasmus internship at the European Theatre and Film Institute in Brussels as an assistant director and screenwriting team member. The main focus of the internship was the verbatim technique. Verbatim theatre is a form of documentary theatre which is based on the spoken words of real people. In 2021 he will continue his studies as a student of a recently introduced game design department at Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. His current focus is on development of psychedelic 2D co-op platformer game Lost in Self that should educate players on the negative impacts and risks of unknown drug consumption.

Ersin Ertan Msc. PhD. Candidate, University UTB Zlin, Czech Republic, Home country: Turkey Ersin Ertan was born in 1984, Turkey. He finished his bachelor degree in graphic design. He is currently holding a master degree in interior design Turkey and he will soon get his Ph.D. degree in animation from The University of Tomas Bata in Czech republic with the doctoral thesis that is based on music visualization arts. Moreover, he has been to Denmark, Germany and Slovakia as an exchange student in communication and video game arts departments during his master studies in 2015-16. He worked as a computer graphics arts instructor with the title of Autodesk Certified Instructor in Authorized Autodesk and Adobe training centers in Turkey for over a decade. In 2017, he was accepted in The University of Tomas Bata and during his research he also gave lectures on animation, visual effects, music visualization, video game art design and figure drawing.

Carlos Almeida Irmã Lúcia VFX / University Lusófona, Portugal. Teacher in the Digital Animation degree in Universidade Lusófona with a dedicated focus in 3D modelling, rigging and animation, using the creative processes of 3D animation and also combining them with motion capture produtivity processes. He is one of the founders of IrmaLucia Visual Effects, a company sited in Lisbon with a strong post-production portfolio in Film, Television and Commercials.

João Miguel Real EasyLab / University Lusófona, Portugal. He graduated in arts (illustration and animation) and became professional. Over the years, he collaborated with several animation studios and producers as 3Dcities, Mylko, Bang Bang Animation or Showoff. He was responsible for the technological area of the animation studio Sardinha em Lata, for the last four years. And was part of the production teams of four short animated films awarded national and internationally. He is also an animation professor at Universidade Lusófona. Nowadays, he works at the production company Take It Easy as an animation director and composer of animated short films in 3D format, Stopmotion, traditional and digital animation.

Milan Kolar VFX technical director and supervisor with 10 years of production experience. Graduate of Bachelor of the Arts Computer Animation course at University of Glamorgan, England with Honours and Master of Arts in Digital Effects at Bournemouth University with Distinction. He started in the industry as a cg generalist on Kids TV shows while finishing his studies. Stayed in the United Kinkdom for 6 years within multiple studios ranging in size from 10 to 100 people, where he worked as character animator, rigger, lighter, lighting Technical director, FX Technical director and a pipeline Technical director.

1st day of the International Conference VFX and HD.

International VFX a GD Conference Bratislava 2021

IVGC Bratislava 2021.
VGC is an international conference organized by the Film and Television Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in April every year, lasting 1-2 days. It takes place in person or remotely via a videoconference connection with the MS Teams program.
It is intended primarily for students of VFX and HD study programs operating in the European area, but also for external amateur or professional applicants in domestic and international contexts.
The language of communication is mainly English, but in the case of student presentations, it is possible to present topics in the national language of the participating school using online simultaneous subtitle translation in English.
The task is to acquaint the participants, to create preconditions for future cooperation and to inform not only the participants, but also any interested parties about the current level of VFX and HD in the European area.

The 1st day of the conference is dedicated to presentations of students organizing FTF VŠMU and Portuguese University Lusófona educating in the field of VFX and HD. Join streaming window below.

2nd day of the conference consists of presentations by school teachers and practitioners. Join streaming window as the whole below or as separate videos with speakers.

The presentations are recorded directly on the presenter's computer (the open source program OBS, mp4 is recommended), the recording is made in the TEAMS program and the conference is also streamed live on the You Tube channel.
Following the editing, the individual contributions are shared via the WEB page, and via the pages of participating foreign schools. Presentations are available to the general professional public.
Attached to the conference is the implementation of an electronic written document Proceedings of the IVGC, which is a written visual capture of individual presentations of both conference days. The Proceedings also include papers that were not presented at video conferencing presentations, but are an important look at the professional pedagogical environment of VFX and HD.

Screenshot z otvorenia konferencie IVGC Bratislava 2021

In 1 day of the conference we had 71 participants only in the Teams conference program, of which 24 participants were from abroad. In addition, we streamed the conference live via our AVFX site and via YouTube and we evidence 173 viewers.

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