Identification of top scientific teams of universities in Slovakia.

The Accreditation Commission, an advisory body of the Government of the Slovak Republic, at the 76th meeting on 2 - 4 April 2014 in Bratislava by Resolution no. 76.9.1 approved a pilot project entitled "Identification of top scientific teams of universities in Slovakia". At the request of the Accreditation Commission, the universities submitted 77 proposals for assessment. On June 29, 2015, the Accreditation Commission evaluated and accepted 37 top scientific teams of universities.

The Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava submitted 2 proposals in the 1st call for assessment, of which the Accreditation Commission accepted both proposals for the identification of top scientific teams. According to demanding, internationally accepted criteria, the Accreditation Commission ranked the Academy of Performing Arts among the eight awarded universities in Slovakia. The Ministry of Education supported top teams by providing a targeted subsidy for the years 2016 to 2020.

For the top scientific team FTF VŠMU Film Studio, composed of: Martin Šulík, team members: Marek Leščák, Zuzana Liová, Róbert Kirchhof, Peter Kerekeš.

For the top scientific team Visual film effects in the composition - team management: Ľudovít Labík, team members: Ladislav Dedík, Andrea Vrábelová, Marek Ježo, Marek Hollý.

Head of department Visual effects and Game Design
Vizuálne efekty, teória - projekt














Research category of the top team of the VFX Visual Effects Studio.

Imaging Science & Photographic Technology Category Description:

Imaging Science & Photographic Technology includes resources that cover pattern recognition, analog and digital signal processing, remote sensing, and optical technology. This category also covers resources on the photographic process (the engineering of photographic devices and the chemistry of photography) as well as machine-aided imaging, recording materials and media, and visual communication and image.

In translation:

"Description of Imaging Science & Photography Technology:

Imaging Science & Photography technology includes methods that detect image recognition, analog and digital signal processing, remote sensing and optical technology. This category also includes resources for the photographic process (photographic engineering and photography chemistry) as well as computer-assisted imaging, recording materials, media, visual communication and images."

Activities implemented and supported by the top VFX team in the years 2015 - 2022.