Head of department Visual effects and Game Design
Selection of professional projects

Teacher at FTF VŠMU since 1986.

2020 - present Head of Department of Visual Effects and Game Design FTF VŠMU.
2019 - Founder of the Game Design Department FTF VŠMU, Bratislava.
2011 - 2020 Head of Department of Visual Effects FTF VŠMU.
2011 - Founder of the AVFX FTF VŠMU department.
1995 - Co-founder of the Department of Editing at FTF VŠMU.
2000 - 2006. Head of the Department of editing and entrusted with the management of DOE FTF VŠMU.
1995 - present. Supervisor of many bachelor's and master's theses at FTF VŠMU.
2009 - 2012 - Member of the Academic Senate of FTF VŠMU.
1986 - beginning of pedagogical activities at the Academy of Performing Arts

Demonstration of distance lecture during the Covid pandemic (Office 365 account only)

Lecture: Film time

Individual guidance of students in the monitored period:

2000 - present. Supervisor of doctoral students of the Department of Editing, Department of Visual Effects, Department of Game Design.
Individual management of student projects of other studios.
2004 - 2014. Teaching of foreign students within the project Erasmus in the field of film dramaturgy in English.

Teacher at FMK TBU ZLÍN - Czech Republic since 2008.

Teaching subjects: Film Analysis, Dramaturgy, Film Speech and more.
Teaching Erasmus international students in English.
Supervisor or opponent of students at the bachelor's or master's degree level.
Workshop teacher Tesák, Dešná 2008, 2009. 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016.
Pedagogical management of student films awarded abroad.
Leading supervisor of doctoral students in the program of editing, dramaturgy and screenwriting.

Pedagogical activity outside working hours:

2024 - IVGC 2024 International VFX and GD Conference Bratislava.
2023 - present. Member of SC PEN klub.
2023 - IVGC 2023 International VFX and GD Conference Bratislava.
2022 - Member of the Artistic and Pedagogical Council of FDU in Banská Bystrica.
2022 - IVGC 2022 International VFX and GD Conference Bratislava.
2022 - Opava peacock, member of the jury of the international student festival in Opava, Czech Republic
2019 - 2021 Krzysztof Kieślowski Film School, Katowice, Poland. Erasmus pedagogical activity.
2012 - 2019 Festival Černá Věž. National Festival of Amateur and Student Films in České Budejovice, member of the jury in the categories: Small Film, Large Film, Student Film, Independent Film.
2018 - Member of the jury of the student festival Áčko 2018.
2018 - Member of the jury of the film festival Svitavská klapka 2018.
2012 - 2024 - organization of Visual Effects Workshops at the FTF VŠMU.
2015 - international project Tempus, international pedagogical guidance of a student from Serbia.
2015 - Workshop of East Slovak amateurs in Margecany, lectures.
2014 - 2016 - 48 hours project Bratislava, member of the jury, leading the final workshop.
2014 - Address to the President on behalf of the appointed professors.
​2012 - 2013  - Člen festivalovej poroty jednominútových filmov Jameson, Praha, Karlovy Vary, ČR.
Iniciácia, organizácia prvej WEB stránky FTF VŠMU (2004).2012 - 2013 - Member of the festival jury of one-minute films Jameson, Prague, Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic.
Initiation, organization of the first WEB page of FTF VŠMU (2004).
2006 - 2018 Founder and organizer of the Summer School of Film Language FTF VŠMU. Successful implementation of 10 years of a commercial event at the FTF VŠMU. Organization and lectures.
2006 - present. Further education of the FTF VŠMU film language, founder and organizer. Successful implementation of 6 years of a commercial event at the FTF VŠMU. Organization and lectures.
2009 - 2010 - Workshop AČKO 2009, ÁČKO 2010, pedagogical supervision.
2010 - Workshop Festanča - lecture during the festival of animated films on the topic of the relationship between screenwriter and animated production.

Scientific works: ORCID iD icon

2023 - International VFX and GD Conference Bratislava IVGC 2023.
2023 - Reviewing a post titled „“Gaining New Insights into Professional Knowledge in Video Game Art by Taking a Design Perspective” submitted for publishing in Acta Ludlogica Volume 6, issue 1 (summer 2023).
2022 - 2024 - leading researcher of the KEGA grant: "360° reality in the media space", 010VŠMU-4/2022
2022 - Minikonferencia VFX a HD (Miniconference VFX and GD), 19-22.10.2022,
2022 - Proměny dramaturgie 2022. Lecture at the conference 7-9 June 2022. Conflict montage. Opava, Czech Republic.
2022 - Changes in dramaturgy 2022. Lecture at the conference 7-9 June 2022. Conflict montage. Opava, Czech Republic.
2022 - IVGC 2022. Organization and moderation of a two-day online conference called International Visual Effects and Game Design Conference Bratislava 2021. The conference was held on April 27-28, 2022,.Day 1, Day 2.
2021 - Gamescrunch Digital 2021. Lecture at the Workshop for game project creators.
2021 - IVGC 2021, ganization and moderation of a two-day online conference called International Visual Effects and Game Design Conference Bratislava. The conference took place on 8-9.4.2021. Day1, Day 2.
2020 - Proměny dramaturgie 2020. (Changes in dramaturgy 2020). Lecture at the conference 8.12.2020. Invisibility of the 2nd turning point. Opava, Czech Republic.
2020 - Contribution to the IGNITE CONFERENCE IN VIENNA 2020, Ignite Digital Roundtables, Design Thinking & Maker Culture: Sticky Learning for the 21st Century
2019 - Initiation of accreditation of the study program Game Design.
2019 - Erasmus +, pedagogical mobility Katowice, Poland. Lecture and popularization of the study program of visual effects and game design.
2019 - Dramaturgická konferencia v Opave, (Dramaturgical conference in Opava), lecture, inclusion of a lecture in the collection entitled "Detaching motif in depicting chance in film narrative".
2019 - Erasmus +, visit and lecture at the University of Katowice.
2018 - Dramaturgická konferencia v Opave, (Dramaturgical conference in Opava), lecture, inclusion of the lecture in the proceedings entitled "Dramaturgy of student documentary film".
2015 - 2020 - Accreditation and implementation of a top team in the field of visual effects.
2017 - Dramaturgical conference in Opava, lecture, inclusion of the lecture in the proceedings,.
2016 - researcher of the ARS Bratislaviensis grant
2014/2016 - TEMPUS, international project, co-researcher: Development of higher education and society by creating a collaborative environment in the field of arts and media through regional student partnership in production of audio / video content.
2013 - Lecture at a documentary film conference organized by the Literary Academy (Josef Škvorecký Private University) in Prague, the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava and Czech Television.
2008 - 2009 - Co-solution and cooperation on the international scientific project RIVERS. The project involved 6 universities (4 American, 2 European) and their goal was to research and create a feature-length joint project involving the world's 6 largest fairs. FTF VŠMU implemented a part of the project concerning the Danube river. Another technical goal was the implementation of the transmission of large image data over the Internet through know-how. AVID.
2008 - 2010 - KEGA Grant Principal Investigator: "Digital Effects Laboratory"
The project was successfully completed in 2010. The aim of the project was to prepare the establishment of the Department of Visual Effects, which is partly implemented through this accreditation file.
2007 - Co-investigator of the European Social Fund grant.

Publishing activity: ORCID iD icon

  • Changes in dramaturgy 2020. Invisibility of the 2nd turning point. ISBN 978-80-7510-445-8, collective monograph on contemporary art dramaturgies, Opava, Czech Republic.
  • Premeny filmových vizuálnych efektov. (Transformations of film visual effects), Zborník z Konferencie vizuálnych efektov FTF VŠMU 2019 (Proceedings of the Conference of Visual Effects FTF VŠMU 2019). Compilation of the proceedings and a conference paper entitled: The need for visual effects in the film and game industry. ISBN: 978-80-8195-063-6.
  • Proměny dramaturgie 2019 (Changes in dramaturgy 2019). Disengaging motif in depicting chance in film narrative. ISBN 978-80-7510-390-1, collective monograph on contemporary art dramaturgies, Opava, Czech Republic.
  • Proměny dramaturgie 2018, Úspešný školský dokumentárny film neštudenta dokumentárnej tvorby (Successful school documentary fi lm non-student of documentary production), ISBN: 978-80-7510-321-5, collective monograph on contemporary artistic dramaturgy, Opava CR.
  • Proměny dramaturgie 2017, Záverečná metafóra vo filmovom príbehu. (Changes in Dramaturgy 2017, The Final Metaphor in a Film Story.) ISBN 978-80-7510-267-6, Collective monograph on contemporary theater, film, television and other dramaturgy. Opava, Czech Republic.
  • Dramaturgia strihovej skladby, (Dramaturgy of Editing), VerBum Publishing House, 2013, ISBN 978-80-87500-30-9, monograph, 340 standard pages. Foreign citations.
  • Strihová skladba v spravodajských a publicistických televíznych žánroch, (Editing in news and journalistic television genres), 2012, ISBN: 978-80-89439-34-8, scripts intended for the 1st year of FTF VŠMU. 
  • Chapters of editing dramaturgy. 2007, wikipedic overview of film speech in the field of editing intended for e-learning education. 2012, ISBN: 978-80-89439-34-8, skriptá určené pre 1. ročník FTF VŠMU. Citácie.
  • Chapters of editing dramaturgy. 2007, wikipedic overview of film speech in the field of editing intended for e-learning education.
  • Editing of television journalistic genres, 2001.
  • Dizertačná práca s témou: Komédia - smiech vo filme Bud Bindi, (Dissertation with the topic: Comedy - Laughter in the film Bud Bindi), 2001. 2001.

Dramaturgical collaboration on films:

2020 - Smečka, (The Pack) dráma, 94´, r. Tomáš Polenský, Czech Republic.

2019 - Neumlčené hlasy Beslanu (The Silent Voices of Beslan), 53´,documentary, r. Tomáš Polenský, Czech Republic.

2017 - Únos (Kidnapping), dráma, 95´, r. Mariana Čengel-Solčanská.

2015 - Lháři (Liars), dráma, 27´, r. Róber Hložanka, Czech Republic.

2011 - Jama, dokumentárny film, r. Jiří Stejskal, the winning film of the Fresh Fest of FAMU Prague, Czech Republic.

2010-2011  - M. R. Štefánik - feature documentary. 4/4, 1/4. part. Production: Kanimex s.r.o., p. a r. Pavol Kanis.

1986 - to date about 400-500 dramaturgical collaborations on school films of students in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, students of Erasmus, Summer Schools, Further Education, workshops and amateur films.

Cooperation on films:

2014 - A predsa sa točí" / cycle; Visual Effects Department - 40´, direction, documentary film for RTVS,
2014 - A predsa sa točí" / cycle; Further Education - 40´, direction, documentary film for RTVS

2012 - Bojná, documentary, 27´, d. Stanislav Kunda, 

2011 - Príbeh bratislavského hradu - (The story of Bratislava Castle), animated film, sc. and d: Vladimir Malik.

1995-2001  - Seriál BUD BINDI, series, STV Bratislava, screenplay and direction: Jozef Slovák, Jozef Heriban, Pavol Jursa, Director of Photography: Ján Ďuriš, Stanislav Szomolanyi.

Honorable Mention, 37 IFF Golden Gate Awards 1994
Gold Award IFF Houston 1995
Silver Spire Winner – 39. FF Golden Gate Awards San Francisco (USA) 1996
Bronz Award  IFF Houston 1994
Čestné uznanie IFF Philadelphia 1996      

2000 - Verím v európsku úniu (I believe in the European Union), (29´)                  

2001 - Genetický kongres (Genetic Congress) (20´)         

2001 - Vitaj v Nato, Slovensko (Welcome to Nato), Slovakia, (22´)

Represented at IFF Florida Fest 2002-10-18.
Selected for the main competition at IFF Kerala 2002 and IFF Sao Paulo 2002.

1993 - Príbeh Mateja Hozu (The story of Matej Hoza), TV video 85´, produced by the Artepp studio, dir. Peter Mikulík, DOP: J. Ďuriš. Filmed on the motifs of short story  V. Šikula´s  „Ornament“.

1993 - Wolves (Vlci), 35mm,  87ˇ, director: Steven Carver (USA), producer: Arthur Brauner, co-production of the USSR, USA, Germany. American actors in a project designed for American homevideo with an ecological action plot. 

1990–1992  - Alaska Kid (Goldrush), 13-part feature, 35mm film intended for American viewers, co-produced by Poland, Slovakia, USSR, Germany, USA, producer: Arthur Brauner (N), produced by Wolf Brauner, music by John Cameron (UK), directed by: James Hill (VB).
A film based on Jack London from the Gold Rush period in Alaska. American scenery, American actors in Russian exteriors. Mixing of American and German version realized in Berlin. The series was dubbed into Czech and broadcast, among other American and European television, on the TV station Nova.

1985-90  - Videofilm SFT Koliba, co-founder of the studio - creation of the first technologies of feature film for post-production by videotechnologies (the first video editing in Slovakia with such a post-production focus). SFT Hut animated film editor.

Approximately 220 audiovisual works of various lengths, in which he collaborated as an editor with the following directors: Fenič, Fifík, M.Slivka, Zachar, Urc, Fornay, Oparty, Lexmann, Jurišič, Kaboš, Blejová, Pogran, Kamenický, Záchenský, Slavíková, Kendy, Lukáčik, Riccotti, Rapoš, Dobiš, Brachtl, Ondruš, Bolerázsky, Velický, Homolka, Janovský, Zeman, Hojnoš, Mančuška, Hlaváč, Hanúsek, Ruppeldt, Makara, Floreán, Skokánek, Dučák, Ferko, Kolber, Potroková, Klaučová, Mrázek, Chmelík, Cho, Vávrová, Biskupič, J.Slivka, Černák, Ridošová, Lembovič, Veselý, Longauer, Homola, Asvanyi, Kubáň, Palonder, Jedlička, Sladký, Jursa, Matúš, Zabloudil, Skultéty, Mrázek ... 

1983-1985 - SFT Koliba, Feature film studio, editing assistant.

1982 - Diploma project Nemocný-í, which was the first graduate diploma project in the history of FAMU made by video technology.

Trick analysis, tutorial, teamwork

1st year BC

1st year Bc.

1st year Bc.

1st year Bc.

1st year Bc.

Final work, half year

2nd year BC

2nd year Bc.

Keyed puppet

2nd year BC

2-3.r-Bc. voliteľné

Keyed puppet

3rd year BC

2-3.r-Bc. voliteľné